About Us

Verucaz was formed in 2020 during the Covid shut downs by Sydney V. Smith-an artist and lightworker. In fact, her goal was to bring more light into this world while everything felt so dark around her. Hence she immersed herself into the world of candle making as well as discovering Veruca- lurking within her during this time of  spiritual awakening. Some may call Veruca her dark alter ego and others may call Sydney the channeler of this "Veruca." Either way, together they spread messages of love and light through these magical candles and through their spiritual teachings such as law of attraction. Hoping to make the world a kinder place and help others live life to their fullest potential through spirituality.

Our candles are high quality and well thought out. We specialize in clean and healthy candles only. Meaning we no longer use materials that are paraffin or petroleum based. All of the waxes we use are pure coconut, soy, and beeswaxes. All of our fragrance oils and essential oils are completely non-toxic and phthalate free.